Whichever road you choose, mountain or sea, our luxury taxi, and our minivan will offer you the ultimate experience in routes unique to the whole island. You can choose from our wide range of excursions or make your own in collaboration with our experienced guides. From the exotic Balo and the pink sandy beach in Elafonisi to Seitan port you will be impressed with the turquoise waters and the incredible landscapes. In the south of Rethymno, the beach of Preveli with the palm forest and the amazing Triopetra is a special choice. If again you want to experience the pulse of the hinterland, traditional villages such as Margarites, Archanes, Vamos, and Zaros challenge the visitor. For the wilder nature lovers, the gorges of Samaria, Myla, and Agios Antonios are waiting for you. Are you a fan of the historical past? Knossos and the Monastery of Arkadi are waiting for you to discover them.

Balos lagoon in Kissamos

Located approximately 56km northwest of Chania. Balos is famous for its turquoise waters, natural beauty and beautiful exotic scenery. The sea is very shallow and warm, ideal for young children. In many places, the sand has a lovely pinkish color, because of millions of crushed shells.

Elafonisi beach in Chania

Elafonisi of Chania is something between a lagoon and an island. Both kids (and your Instagram followers) will love this place. Award-winning beach with Blue Flag. Here you have the opportunity to explore the seabed safely. In Elafonisi the sure thing is that you will relax and enjoy the wonderful local that unfolds before your eyes.

Triopetra Beach in south Rethymno

At 48 km from the city of Rethymnon is another one of the most magical beaches of the island. If you are looking for the right beach for family vacations, relaxation and leisure then this is the most suitable. Its name is due to the three rocks that protrude on the shore proving the wonder of nature.

Preveli palmbeach

In the ’60s and ’70s, it was a favorite destination for hippies. On the banks of the Great River, there is a large colony of Theophrastus palm trees, which give the area the feeling of a tropical landscape. Preveli is located about 35km south of Rethymno and 10km east of Plakias.

Seitan Limani

The name Seitan Ports means Cursed Ports in Turkish and comes from the fact that the waters and currents of the area are dangerous. In the wild landscape with the vertical rocks and the wild beauty, the narrow and narrow tiny beach of Stefanos with the deep blue waters surprises. The beach consists of gravel and sand.

Kedrodasos beach

It is located 76km southwest of Chania and just 1km west of the famous beach in Elafonisi. The beach is full of juniper trees or sea cedars and sand dunes, reminiscent of a tropical beach.
The beach has white sand and some smooth rocks. Fortunately, there is no infrastructure nearby, making this secluded protected beach one of the last untouched paradises in Greece.

Margarites Village in Rethymno

The extremely beautiful village of Margarites where there are work-shops of clay handicraft of unique value. Flowers in the courtyards, ceramics hung on the walls, jars decorate the gardens. There you enjoy a corner of Crete that is a magnet for both the wonderful landscape and the creations of its people.

Vamos Village in Chania

Reminiscent of something from Italian Tuscany. In Vamos, the sure thing is that the traditional stone architecture that remains unchanged over time and the love for nature and its resources by the locals will make you not just a fan of this place but part of it.

Loutro in Sfakia

In Loutro of Sfakion, the sure thing is that its turquoise waters will enchant you at first sight. The landscape here is not characterized by the stone that exists in the other villages of Crete, but by the white uniformly spread accommodation. Clear waters, and ideal destination for tranquility and endless dives.

Archanes Village in Heraklion

Archanes is a beautiful town built at an altitude of about 400 meters. This “colorful” village has been awarded in a competition of the European Union and is an example to be imitated. You can visit the small museums, as well as a number of buildings of magnificent architecture and Byzantine churches.

Zaros Village in Heraklion

Zaros is a very attractive, and virgin village famous for its spring water, which is now bottled and sold all over Crete and is an ideal base for walkers to explore beautiful nature. Also, Zaros has some nice Byzantine monasteries, and it’s excellent for walking.

Anogia Village, nestled on the Slopes of Psiloritis

Local music, folk art, and tradition are the elements that have remained unchanged in the time since the inhabitants of the village carry them from generation to generation. Anogia village in Crete is perched on the slopes of Psiloritis at an altitude of 700m.

Samaria Gorge

The Samaria Gorge is one of the longest gorges in Europe. A walk of 16 km will amaze you and create one of your most exciting tours in Crete. The stunning view of the White Mountains (Lefka Ori) the rare flora and fauna of the gorge, will amaze you as you descend to the end to sea level. A trip to Crete could never be considered complete if you have not visited the gorge of Samaria.

Agios Antonios Gorge (Patsos Gorge)

The gorge of Patsos or Agios Antonios is located 8km southwest of Arkadi Monastery. Its waters flow into the impressive lake of the dam of the Rivers. The gorge up to a point is very easy to cross, as a comfortable path has been formed by the forest service that ends at the narrowest point with a unique waterfall that falls into a cave.

Mili Gorge

Impressively green oasis very close to the city of Rethymnon. In fact, it is not a gorge but a gorge that houses a large number of plants and trees, reminiscent of a botanical garden. Its name, as the word says, owes it to the watermills that existed all the way through the gorge and were about 30.


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